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The best bite I ate this week: My $6.50 Cupcake

I paid a visit to Duff’s Cakemix on Carmageddon Sunday. My friend Terry is moving to Florida and I thought this would be a great reason to decorate a cake (in our case cupcakes) for her going-away adventure. We spent an hour and 20 minutes decorating four cupcakes each. The minute I finished mine I took a bite. I could have purchased a separate slice of cake, but I wanted to try my own. I bit into the vanilla cupcake, which was baked right next door at Duff’s Charm City Cakes West. It was so moist and light I ate the whole thing. The buttercream frosting was not as sweet as I prefer, but paired with Duff’s cake it was just right. I was a little surprised when I paid the bill at the end. I hadn’t noticed the studio fee of $10 per decorator in addition to the cost of cupcakes. So before tax and tip, each cupcake cost $6.50.

Did we have fun? YES! Was it all in the name of research? YES! Was the cupcake tasty? YES! So I’m declaring my $6.50 cupcake the best bite I ate this week!

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