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The Best Bite I ate this week: Pie at Tomaselli’s

Who doesn’t love pie?! I recently had three varieties of pie at a lovely little place called Tomaselli’s Pastry Mill & Café in Elkton, Oregon. It’s located on the Umpqua Highway, about an hour southwest of Eugene. My cousin and I had flown into Eugene and drove 3 hours to the coast to visit my parents in Bandon. I have to give big thanks to the tour guests who told me about this fabulous foodie haven nestled in a little town of 200. Now I understand their excitement.

Planned well in advance of our trip, our dinner stop was at…you guessed it, Tomaselli’s. We were lucky enough to meet Marty, the proprietor of 32 years! What a charming host he was, even running to a nearby grocer to get me a Pepsi when he heard I needed some caffeine (and I don’t like Diet). We ordered chicken pot pie, pizza pie (sausage and pepperoni) and then were given a treat of any dessert we wanted…on the house. So of course I got more pie. A combination of blueberry and blackberry, cleverly nicknamed the Black & Blue pie.

I couldn’t possibly pick one pie over the other, so I’m declaring all three my best bites of the week: Chicken Pot Pie, Pizza Pie and the Black & Blue Pie!

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