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The Best Bite I Ate This Week: Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Potatoes are my second favorite food, in any form: Baked, mashed or fried. Today I had some tater tots. Sweet Potato tater tots! And they landed on the Best Bite I ate this week. They had all the usual personality of a tater tot, but with that lovely sweet potato taste and texture. They were good on their own, and dipped in a special kicker sauce (mustard + mayo + tabasco).

I found these tots at Delux Dogs on Orange Street, just a few easy walking blocks from beautiful (but pricey) Hotel Del Coronado where Sunday Brunch was $75. I have to thank YELP for directing us to this unique, local eatery. It was a perfect little lunch for our little day trip. What was the best bite you ate this week?

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