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The best bite I ate this week: Tatsutage Fried Chicken

Imagine the most light, crispy coating on a little piece of marinated (with garlic, soy, ginger, honey) chicken…now put it on a skewer and serve it with a drizzle of spicy yuzu mayo. And you have Susan Feniger’s Tatsutage Fried Chicken! This evening we attended Susan’s much-anticipated STREET FOOD cookbook party. We mingled with the nice folks who take care of our tour guests every week, chatted with Susan and Kajsa, and got to EAT and DRINK items from their book. There were passed appetizers in addition to five food stations. The aqua frescas were pretty to look at AND a welcome refreshment on a warm summer evening. I enjoyed everything they served, but have to give a special shout out to the best bite I ate this week, the Japanese-style fried chicken pops. In case you feel like trying Tatsutage Fried Chicken in your own kitchen, check out page 94 in Susan’s STREET FOOD.

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