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The Best Bite I Ate This Week

August is National Peach Month and I’ve been craving something dessert-y like pie or cobbler or crisp. You get the picture. I decided to give good ol’ YELP a visit and what did I come up with but The Kobbler King. First time hearing about them, but the reviews were all positive and especially called out the peach cobbler. I called ahead just to make sure they still had some, and the King told me there was ALWAYS peach cobbler available. Not to take any chances, I hopped in my car after lunch (on a non-tour day) and drove straight there.

I met the Kobbler King himself who was not nearly as enthusiastic as I was to have found his cobbler. However, he did seem impressed that I had driven all the way from Playa del Rey and told me I could find his products at select Albertson’s. I opted to purchase two small peach cobblers, one for now and one for later. This was some pretty darn good peach cobbler, with plenty of bright peaches and just the right amount of crust. It was so good, I wish I had purchased a few more of them. At least now I know the King, I’m sure I’ll see him again.
What was YOUR best bite this week???

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