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These cupcakes are made of Lasagna

When you think of cupcakes, your mind (and taste buds) wander to sweet flavors like chocolate or vanilla with lots of fluffy frosting. In my mind the sweeter the better. But a while ago my friend Heidi brought some cupcakes to a dinner party…and they were made of lasagna. Hmmm, savory cupcakes?! I have to tell you, they were amazingly awesome!

Heirloom LA (and another clever guy named Matt!) is the brainchild behind these awesome little bites. His offerings can also be found rolling around LA on a food truck, and were awarded Best Gourmet Food Truck in Los Angeles magazine in 2011. In case you were wondering, there are an interesting variety of flavors from veggie (mac & cheese and pumpkin sage) to meaty (short rib and lamb ragu). Try one or try them all, this savory little cake just might be the star attraction of your upcoming Academy Awards gathering.

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