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To Live and Die in Los Angeles

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Here’s some fun photos of me outside a couple of the most popular spots on my Movie Locations Tour of LA. The Nightmare on Elm Street house is on Genesee Avenue in Hollywood, just off Sunset Boulevard, and recently sold for $2.1 million – sweet dreams to the new owner! Meanwhile the apartment building where Julia Roberts’ character lived in Pretty Woman is actually the Las Palmas Hotel – a low cost, well located hotel just off Hollywood Boulevard. You can see these and many more film locations – as well as hearing the stories behind the making of the movies – by booking for this top rated Hollywood tour.

food, tour, hollywood

As the Celebrity Insider, I can bring you a slightly more informed story about Hollywood history that you get elsewhere. Guide books and other tours might tell you that the only person ever to leap to their death from the Hollywood sign, actress Peg Entwistle, did so because she was despondent at her lack of acting work. The way I heard it was that Peg, a fellow Brit by the way, had plenty of offers and opportunities on Broadway and in the movies but was such a drama queen that she preferred to get famous for all time by committing suicide from LA’s most iconic landmark. If you’re curious, the 24-year-old jumped from the top of the second D.  Don’t bother trying to get right up close to where she did it, the sign is off limits these days and can only be viewed from a distance.

food, tour, hollywood

Talking of those who are no longer with us, pets of the stars are literally dying to get in to the most exclusive cemetery in showbiz – LA’s Pet Memorial Park. Nestled in 10 acres of lush rolling hills in the luxury LA suburb of Calabasas – and a stone’s throw from the mansions of Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian – there are now over 42,000 late pets buried there. Many of the dearly departed are celebrities themselves including Tonto’s horse, Scout, from the original The Lone Ranger TV series, Tawny the MGM lion, Hopalong Cassidy’s horse, Topper, and Petey, the dog from classic TV series The Little Rascals. Meanwhile many more had famous owners and buried at Pet Memorial Park are Charlie Chaplin’s cat, also called Scout, Humphrey Bogart’s dog, Boots, and other animals owned by Diana Ross, William Shatner, Tori Spelling, Steven Spielberg and countless other furry friends of the famous.

Talking of The Lone Ranger, as I was in the previous item, the new movie version, starring Johnny Depp, is struggling at the box office and looking like one of the biggest flops of the year. Maybe they should have used more LA locations like other summer blockbusters have done. Star Trek Into Darkness sees our Getty Center doubling at Starfleet Command in San Francisco and Iron Man 3 features the TCL Chinese Theatre playing itself. By the way, all that construction going on at the Chinese at the moment isn’t a rebuilding job from its destruction early in Iron Man 3 – that was just special effects – but because the main theatre is being converted into an IMAX screen.

Hope to see you on the tour soon for more locations excitement, inside scoop and magical memories from the world of movies.

Sandro x

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