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Try the new Dine-In Movie Theater in Marina Del Rey

A newly remodeled AMC Theater recently opened in Marina del Rey. It’s a Dine-In Theater, a very cool concept. Instead of rows of seats, the theaters are now filled with rows of reclining lounge chairs with swinging table tops for you to enjoy your meal while you enjoy your movie! It’s truly like being in your own living room except you’re “dining-in” with 50 other people (more or less). You’ll have a dedicated server to take your order and serve your dine food tour

Pros: A fun new way to enjoy a movie in a relaxing setting with pretty good food at a decent price. Adult beverages are on the Dine-In Menu for those who please.
Cons: Movie tickets are more expensive, and it’s a little loud with all the crunching around the theater. While the food prices were reasonable, the drinks (soda, coffee, bottled water) were not.  It was a fun way to see an Oscar nominated movie. And since Les Miserables was more than two and a half hours, that cozy lounge chair was much appreciated. Only a blanket would have made it more perfect. But then I might have fallen asleep

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