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Valentine Candy Hearts

Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of candy and flowers and red hearts. It makes me think back to my days as an elementary teacher when the weeks leading up to February 14 were filled with pink and red art projects. Making mailboxes for each student, teaching them how to cut out paper hearts, making white snowflake doilies….ah such a time of innocence. I loved that the room-mothers would put together lavish parties for the afternoon with cupcakes and cookies and red punch. Feed those children lots of sugar and send ‘em on home!

But I am most fond of those tiny colored hearts. You know, the ones with the imprinted sayings on them: “KISS ME” “TRUE LOVE” and now even a modern “TEXT ME”. Officially called Sweetheart Conversation Hearts, they’ve been produced by the NECCOcandy company in MA since 1901. They produce 8 billion sweethearts a year, entirely leading up to the Valentine’s holiday. They add in a few updated sayings each year (you can send in a suggestion!) and they also produce a box of chocolate Sweethearts conversation hearts. I always stash away a few boxes for after the holiday so I can satisfy my sugar cravings. “ALL MINE”

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