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Visit the Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood

During these hot summer months what does one do when they want to cool off? Jump in a pool? Crank up the air-conditioning? Head to the nearest ice cream or yogurt shop for a cool treat? That last one is right up my alley and I have a couple of go-to yogurt shops in my neighborhood like Yogurtland and Menchies. Occasionally Pinkberry or Red Mango gets a visit. But recently I was looking for a unique yogurt shop in the Hollywood area so I finally paid a visit to Yogurt Stop on Santa Monica Boulevard whose tagline is Pump It Yourself.

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I have been getting more requests to do private tours for families who want their day in Los Angeles tailored specifically to their interests and their time frame. A recent family from Canada wanted me to find a yogurt shop for a cool treat during their 4-hour tour. Yogurt Stop was recently called out as having the best Froyo Toppings Bar in Los Angeles Magazine’s Best of LA issue. And do they have toppings! There are approximately 50 plus toppings including banana bread, carrot cake, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and more. ALL the baked items are baked in-house! You’ll also find fresh fruit, nuts and candy toppings as well as 11 sauces for drizzling.

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But what about the actual yogurt for those wonderful toppings? Well, there are 10 self-serve yogurt flavors offered daily, with some of them being low-fat, non-fat and even dairy free. Those made with almond milk or coconut milk actually had a nice flavor and texture. In another clever twist, being in the heart of West Hollywood, the yogurt flavors all had appropriate titles for the area. Examples being “Coming Out Cake Batter” and “Original WeHo Tart”. There were also gas station themed names like “Fill ‘er Up French Vanilla” and “Charge Your Engine Chocolate”. And if frozen yogurt isn’t your thing they also have acai bowls, yogurt shakes and ice cream sandwiches. Ahh, give me this kind of research every day!

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By Trish Porcetto

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