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Voodoo Doughnuts

I once had a Voodoo Doll. A group of co-workers and I were having a particularly bad school year. It felt wrong, but strangely also made us feel better. Many years later I heard of VooDoo donuts, the Portland, Oregon based business that created the maple bacon bar. As I was planning my trip to Oregon to visit my parents for the Annual Cranberry Festival, I discovered there’s a VooDoo Donuts in Eugene, so of course I planned a visit when my flight landed. VooDoo was located on Broadway in the downtown area, with beautiful flower boxes lining the streets and easy parking. Alex, the friendly guy behind the counter, explained every flavor and style to us. We filled one of their famous pink boxes with a maple bacon bar, a Eugene Cream, a Grumpy Old Man and a few others including a (somewhat healthy) blueberry cake donut. The only disappointment was that they were already sold out of their namesake VooDoo doll-shaped donuts. Bummer. I guess I’ll have to make another visit to try one of those. They say the magic is in the hole!

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