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Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Research is a fun part of my work week! We are often asked by our tour guests which of the studio tours we recommend. The Warner Bros. VIP Tour was still on our list, and we made a last minute decision to visit on a warm October afternoon. The tour started and ended in their gift shop, which can be dangerous for spenders, but it was fun to refresh our memory of the various Warner Bros. TV shows and movies (as evidenced by the t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, etc. for sale). We were escorted into a small movie theater to watch a clip of WB history and movie/TV clips. A great way to build the excitement.

Our tour guide Suni arrived and situated our small group of 12 on a tram. After finding out what our favorite shows were, she let us know that we were indeed touring a working lot and that there were some places we could take pictures and other places we could not. We were transported back in time to back lots of shows such as Spiderman and Friends. We got to actually go into the studio for 2 Broke Girls. While we practically begged Suni to take us to The Big Bang Theory, she did point out the door behind which all the rehearsing was taking place. We ended our tour in a two-story museum which was full of WB costumes. The whole second floor was dedicated to one of my faves, Harry Potter, and I even got to wear the Sorting Hat. I got assigned to Hufflepuff!

I would highly recommend this tour for two reasons: If you are a big fan of the Warner Bros. TV and movie properties and/or you are fascinated by the entertainment industry and want a really fun but quick peek at what happens behind the scenes. Check out this link to see what’s filming now!