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What Goes with Pastrami?

What beverage pairs best with a pastrami sandwich? According to David Sax, it’s Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda or Cel-Ray tonic. So this beverage quest brought me on another field trip: to visit Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park. I had heard about this cool store with all their sodas and retro-style candy, but I had no idea what fun I would find there! Owner John is as passionate about soda as I am about chocolate. We spent a few minutes chatting, and then he then took me aisle by aisle giving personal recommendations.

I walked out with 14 bottles of various types of root beer, Dr. Pepper (gift for a friend, I do NOT like DP), bottled coffee drinks, and of course several bottles of Dr. Brown’s in various flavors. I also had a handful of retro candy, that were cleverly displayed in the produce display cases. Once at home the taste-testing began. Let’s just say the Cel-Ray, though a pretty shade of green, did not make the cut. Sorry Dr. Brown, I’d rather eat celery than drink it. But our guests agree that the Black Cherry soda is a perfect complement to pastrami, pickles & cole slaw!

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