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Will Run for Chocolate

Today is the 27th annual Los Angeles Marathon. Did you know that at the 1908 Olympic Games in London, the mileage was extended so the finish line could be in front of the Royal family’s viewing box, for the Queen to have the best view? We can thank her for the 26.2. I salute all the athletes who are running today for themselves, their charities, their loved ones. I always get a lump in my throat watching the various runners on the course: the elites, the students, the handicapped, the novices. I know the challenge of a training program, and I also know the success of crossing that finish line.

I ran the Los Angeles Marathon in 2004, on a 93 degree day, and it took me 6 hours to do it. I may never run another 26.2 but I have a medal to prove I did it and memories to last a lifetime. Today I salute friends like Julie and Heidi who ran the 5K to support beloved charities. Then there’s Legacy Lou who has run every single LA Marathon. And my friend Renee who started running for her 40th birthday and now has 35+ marathons under her belt. Congrats to all of you! The only way I may be encouraged to put on a pair of running shoes again is for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in San Diego. Now that’s more my speed…

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