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Grand Central Market celebrating 100 years in Los Angeles

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It’s fair to say Woody Allen hasn’t always been the greatest fan of Los Angeles. He once famously dismissed the place with a memorable quip in Annie Hall, having his character Alvy Singer say: “I don’t want to live in a city where the only cultural advantage is you can make a right turn on a red light.”

Since shooting part of that Oscar winning comedy classic here in 1977, he hasn’t returned to film a movie here since. But that’s all about to change.

Over the next few weeks the moviemaker will be directing Bruce Willis and Kristen Stewart in his latest, as yet untitled, film at locations around L.A. Come along on my movie locations tour of the city with Tourific Escapes and who knows, we might even see Woody at work.  But directing a movie is not the only thing the New Yorker is doing to raise the culture level out on the left coast.

As I just reported in the Los Angeles Business Journal,  he will direct the L.A. Opera’s staging of the Puccini opera “Gianni Schicchi” at downtown’s Dorothy Chandler Pavillion from September 12 with opera superstar Placido Domingo starring.

While he’s in town, I hope Woody will check out my Saturday afternoon tour of movie locations and learn that this city does indeed have a whole lot more to offer than right turns on red lights.  For one thing, it would mean a return to 8301 Sunset Boulevard, the site of the restaurant where Diane Keaton’s character dumped him in Annie Hall.

By Celebrity Insider Sandro Monetti

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