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All The World’s A Stage

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He is one of the greatest actors of all time having given performances in The Godfather, Scarface and so many other great movies that will stay with us forever… and I’m thrilled to be getting to share the stage with him soon.

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It’s my honor to be the host of An Evening With Al Pacino on September 22, which will see me interviewing the icon about his glorious career in front of a giant audience in Warsaw, Poland – a place where Al is as popular as Elvis, Marilyn and Sinatra rolled into one. Thanks to prince of promoters Rocco Buonvino for hiring me for that great gig. The Polish edition of my book on Colin Firth comes out there around the same time so I’ll be doing a book signing in the theatre. What fun!

You can often find me on stage whenever I’m not on the Tourific Escapes bus guiding my Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour of LA.

On June 21st for example, I’m hosting a Hollywood celebration of Shakepeare’s 450th anniversary at the historic Egyptian movie theatre for BAFTA LA and the American Cinematheque which will feature a personal appearance by actor James Frain, a musical performance by international soprano (and past Celebrity Insider Tour guest) Summer Watson, video contributions from Tom Hanks and Cate Blanchett and a screening of the BBC’s star studded recent production of Richard II. I’d love to see you there so please book tickets here…

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The night before that sees the final performance of my hit stage comedy An Evening With Gary Lineker, about men who are more in love with their sports teams than the women in their lives. For a last chance to see me direct and act in the US premiere staging of this London theatre hit, please book here:

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But my favorite stage of all remains the guide seat on the Tourific Escapes bus – come and book a tour one Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait to talk showbiz with you…

By SANDRO MONETTI, Director and Guide of the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour

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